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Coach Park Restaurant to become Chicken Galore in Hoboken NJ

Do you recognize this sign?

3/11/2011: [Continuing the original Hoboken411 photo series: Where is this?, which started back in 2006!] Can you guess where this worn out Hoboken sign is? (Want to submit your own “where is this?” Hoboken...

Hoboken Sexy St. Patricks Photo Contest 2011

Sexy Hoboken St. Patricks Photo Contest!

3/4/2011 Reminder: Submit your photo to win $100 Wicked Wolf Prize! Introducing the 2011 “Sexy Hoboken St. Patrick’s Photo Contest!” This coming Saturday, March 5th – is the 2011 Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade, and...

Illegally parked Hoboken city vehicle 10th and washington streets

Gorgeous or not: It is still illegal!

2/23/2011: City vehicles continuously disobey parking laws! City vehicles in Hoboken continually break established parking laws and regulations in Hoboken. Pictured below is Hoboken411’s “Beautified” image of a “Hoboken Senior Medical Transportation” van parked...