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where is this pw

Where is this?

11/21/2008: Here’s another “test your awareness in Hoboken” entry: Where is this? So where is this sign?

hoboken where is this cat

Where is this cat?

11/14/2008: It’s been a while since a “Where is this?” entry was published on Hoboken411 – and figured this photo was a perfect candidate. So…. On an entirely UNRELATED NOTE – I often find...

hoboken birthplace of baseball tshirt hoboken411 contest

Contest: Where is this?

8/8/2008: Hoboken411 has run these fruity “Where is this?” photo quizzes in the past, but never without a mini-prize! Win a Hoboken Baseball t-shirt! Today’s quiz has FOUR faces. Guess where they are and...

Where is this? 3/21/2008

Where is this? 3/21/2008

3/21/2008: Haven’t done a Hoboken “Where is this?” photo quiz in a while (used to do it once every couple weeks!) See if you can identify what and where these images are: Where is...

where is this sept 21 2007

Where is this? Round 12

A quick Friday photo quiz about Hoboken! Where were these pictures taken? Six total today. See the rest after the jump. Have a great weekend everyone, it’ll be BEAUTIFUL! Picture 1 of 6: Where...

where is this sign hoboken

Where is this? Round 11

9/14/2007: Ok, I’ve decided to make this round a little bit harder, with tighter shots, and less surrounding references. Some are pretty easy, but can you guess them all? Seven pictures in today’s round...