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Steneck Trust Company Hoboken NJ 4th Grand Street 520x245 - Where is Teneck?

Where is Teneck?

Hoboken attention span quiz: Where is Teneck? Time to dust off the faithful “where is this?” category here at Hoboken411 – because now more than ever, people just don’t even have any visual recollection...

Bloody cupid graffiti solution in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Bloody Cupid Graffiti

Bloody Cupid Graffiti

Where is this bloody cupid graffiti in Hoboken? Spotted this “creative” graffiti in Hoboken this week. It’s of a little Cupid, who apparently pulled the bow and arrow in the wrong direction, effectively taking...

Where is this Hoboken street scene

Where is this Hoboken street scene?

Can you tell where this Hoboken street scene is? Sometimes photos taken in Hoboken don’t always come out clear (one good thing about almost unlimited digital capacity!) But interestingly, they turn into mini “artistic...

Hoboken Building Statue Solution 520x245 - Where is this "statue?"

Where is this “statue?”

Hoboken photo quiz: Do you know where this “statue” is? Today’s Hoboken Photo Quiz most likely will NOT be answered by folks who have their heads down immersed in the latest wacky status update...

Hoboken outflow pipe solution 520x245 - Where is this Hoboken Pipe?

Where is this Hoboken Pipe?

Do you know what this pipe is in Hoboken, and where? Snapped a pic of this outflow pipe the other day – and it’s obviously today’s Hoboken411 “Where is this?” photo quiz. But I’m...

Runaway boat bumper Hoboken NJ hudson river shipyard 520x245 - What is this object in the Hudson?

What is this object in the Hudson?

Hoboken residents fear the worst with Hudson River object Hoboken411 receives tons of emails about objects like this off the Mile Square coast each year. Most of the time, they presume it’s some kind...

Where is this engraved face in Hoboken NJ solution 520x245 - Where is this engraved face?

Where is this engraved face?

Hoboken photo quiz: Have you seen this face? Here’s today’s Hoboken “Where is this?” photo quiz. Can you guess where this engraved face is? Or what it is?