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Adopt mia the dog in Hoboken NJ

Adopt Mia the Dog!

Mia is the perfect dog for Hoboken! Mia is a fun, loving little pup. She is estimated to be at about 8-10 months of age and is about 30 pounds (perfect for a Hoboken...

Hoboken Kittens for Adoption

Hoboken Kittens available for Adoption

Kittens up for adoption in Hoboken, NJ Hoboken411 reader Phyllis knows how much we’ve really helped the animal community over the past six years, and she’s been caring for some cats that are now...

Cornerstone Pets Hoboken NJ Liberty Humane Adoption Event

Liberty Humane Adoption Event

Adopt a dog or cat in Hoboken on November 12th Are you ready to bring a four-legged friend into your life? If so, mark your calendars for this Saturday, November 12th (they successfully held...