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Hoboken411 Oscar d 2020 520x245 - R.I.P. Oscar

R.I.P. Oscar

R.I.P. Oscar The Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar has passed away. Mr. Oscar lived to be 15 and a half years old. Amazing for any canine.

Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette 520x245 - Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette

Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette

Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette People used to be quite good with dogs in Hoboken. With the exception of a moron with an untrained dog like a Pit Bull, most interactions were okay. Typically got...


R.I.P. Tonka

R.I.P. Tonka Four weeks ago today, we had to put one of our four dogs down. The name of this sweet boy was Tonka. He was an Australian Shepherd (Blue Merle). It was our...

do you love your dog

Do you love your dog?

Do you love your dog? {update} A quick bump from this post from (last decade). A post we wrote called “Do you love your dog?” It was about my first pooch Oscar. Don’t worry...

Hoboken Dog Wash Pet Services

Hoboken Dog Wash – Update

Hoboken Dog Wash going strong, adds new services Owner Fran Totaro really picked a winning business idea! Hoboken Dog Wash going strong! Just wanted to share they’ve added new services – truly becoming a...

no pets allowed hoboken NJ sign

No pets allowed sign

No pets allowed sign worse than pets! You know that strip of land on 11th Street from Willow Ave. to the waterfront? It’s a nice bit of “nature” that make the neighborhood feel just...

Found Cat Hoboken NJ tabby

Found Cat

Found Cat in Hoboken – is he yours? Hoboken resident Chris found a cat last night near the Northern Soul bar downtown. long-haired male tabby, not neutered and extremely friendly. He approached everyone! Definitely...

Found Dog Hoboken NJ

Found Dog

Is this your dog? A Hoboken resident found this Terrier looking pooch near earlier today. The dog had a collar, but no tags. She also took it to the vet to see if it...