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New Jersey Gun Magazine pushback 520x245 - Gun Control debate plugs along

Gun Control debate plugs along

Is it really guns, or just the “entertainment” world? I’m getting a bit tired of the argument to ban guns – when it’s a constitutional right. Even though it’s harder than ever to get...

al gore global warming hot air 520x245 - Still suffering from "Eco Guilt?"

Still suffering from “Eco Guilt?”

2/5/2009 Bump: [Continuing the ongoing post about “global warming”…] Still believe in global warming? Recently, the founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, wrote an article about the scam that human-caused Global Warming has...

forest 520x245 - Sidewalk Politics Act I

Sidewalk Politics Act I

Or you can call them Environmental Peddlers. Today on 8th and Washington Street in Hoboken, I was approached by a gang of volunteers from “Environmental Action” group attempting to get me to sign up...