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fresh out of patriotism 520x245 - Fresh Out Of Patriotism

Fresh Out Of Patriotism

When you think deeper about “patriotism” over a longer stretch of time back into our history – compared to today, you’ll notice many differences. Psychological trickery comes to mind for us. The true definition...

American Flag on US Route 78 Overpass 520x245 - American Flags on Highways

American Flags on Highways

Do American flags on highway overpasses offend anyone? If you get out and ever drive on highways around New Jersey – you’ll surely notice a LOT of U.S. Flags attached to overpasses. Like the...

hoboken fox hill upside down american flag 520x245 - Reader Mail: Upside down U.S. Flag?

Reader Mail: Upside down U.S. Flag?

10/21/2008: Hank sent Hoboken411 this brief message about an un-patriotic resident at Fox Hill Gardens. Senility or on purpose? “One of the units in the housing project building on Clinton between 12th and 13th...