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Hoboken Doorman Package Delivery 520x245 - Hoboken Doorman

Hoboken Doorman

Hoboken Doorman – What is it? (and why?) Have you heard of Hoboken Doorman? If not – here is what they say they are: “The local solution for all of your delivery issues, Hoboken...

USPS gopost in Hoboken NJ would it work

USPS gopost – good for Hoboken?

Would Hoboken benefit from USPS gopost lockers? We frequent the U.S. Post Offices in Hoboken frequently. And recently, I’ve seen these fliers for the “gopost” automated (robotic) stations that allow people to ship and...

Fedex cuts back Hoboken NJ service boxes 520x245 - FedEx about to hurt Hoboken!

FedEx about to hurt Hoboken!

Hoboken shipping boxes cut back from FedEx Not sure what people’s shipping preferences are these days (411 uses UPS for most), but it seems that Federal Express is “feeling some pain” here in Hoboken...