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portable hydration for dogs oscar Hoboken411

Portable hydration (woof)

Portable hydration for dogs Now that the warmer months are upon us – it’s time to remind dog owners of the importance of “portable hydration.” While we are far from a desert, and with...

Happy Thanksgiving 2011 Hoboken NJ Oscar 520x245 - Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoboken: Have a safe & sound Thanksgiving! Now that the holiday is fully under-way, Hoboken411 wishes everyone a safe & happy Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll be back with some fun stuff later!

Happy New Year Hoboken NJ Oscar Chooey Hoboken411

Happy New Year 2014!

Have a healthy & happy 2014 in Hoboken, NJ Without a doubt, most people are having a great time tonight – whether it’s at a black-tie affair or low-key hangout with friends and loved...

Oscar finds football at Sinatra Park Hoboken NJ

Oscar doesn’t fumble

Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar finds football, doesn’t fumble On a walk along the waterfront recently, Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar had the pleasure of discovering a football near the river. Boy, was he thrilled. And although troubled...