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regular car ticketed for illegal parking in Hoboken NJ whereas city employees park every day

Parking NOT okay for YOU

Okay for HPU, HFD, BOE but not for Y-O-U in HOB! Last week – we told you about the hypocritical parking shenanigans public employees (civil SERVANTS) have been engaged in. The HPU (daily), HFD...

blatant parking violator in front of city hall hoboken nj newark and bloomfield

Parking offender next to City Hall

12/1/2009: Even next to the lawmakers! No matter how hard you may try to prevent it, folks desperate to park (or in this case “stand”) close to their home will do anything – including...

Stately Parking Offender

Stately Parking Offender

11/5/2009: Free Pass? One Hoboken411 reader tipped me off about this “Official” vehicle with United States Department of State plates on it – illegally parked close to an intersection and said “Why doesn’t the...