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being offended is your fault

You are not offended

You say you’re offended? You’re not. You’re flawed! “That offends me.” Offend is similar to words like annoy or irritate. In other words, to “offend” causes some kind of displeasure to people (most often...

shut the fuck up movement

Being offended is the worst trend ever

You’re nobody unless you’re offended by everything Are you one of the growing number of people easily offended by almost everything? If so, please shut the fuck up. Thanks to useless instant communication platforms...

being offended is over

WTF? What Offends You?

“Offends.” The state of being offended needs to end Think about this for a minute. For any of you that say “that offends me,” or “I’m offended…” do you really, truly mean that? I...