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fasting intermittent fasting IF 520x245 - Fasting Podcast {helpful in many ways}

Fasting Podcast {helpful in many ways}

Fasting is easy – and effective We’ve been one form or another of low-carb over the past decade here at Hoboken411. Our latest version is mostly carnivore – with tremendous success. We’re also dabbling...

is fat acceptance okay

Fat acceptance

Yes or no? The “Fat Acceptance” movement Below is an interesting viewpoint from Adam Piggott of Pushing Rubber Down Hill… The disgusting fat acceptance movement. In sub-Saharan Africa being fat is a status symbol....

obese scale

Zero Excuse for Obesity

Obesity – No one to “blame” but yourself The purpose of this article is to one, remind everyone that this obesity “epidemic” is not like some plague. It’s a self-induced problem. And two, to...