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Sidewalks are for people in Hoboken NJ anti dog sign first street 520x245 - Dog hate!

Dog hate!

Dog hate morphing into graffiti vandalism in Hoboken! Wow this stretch of First Street downtown is really “going all in” when it comes to how clear they’re making their dog hate known. They’ve lowered...

Dog mirror image in Hoboken NJ

Doggie Doubles

Hoboken mirror images – Doggie Double Take Most dog pictures (even our own) are typically a dime-a-dozen. But this photo of (411 featured rescue) Norton and his friend over at Stevens Park earlier this...

Crazy Lady No Dogs Allowed in Driveway Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Paranoid of dogs?

Paranoid of dogs?

Is it bad Hoboken dog owners – or people who just hate dogs? Was on my rounds yesterday, and spotted this odd sign on 6th Street between Grand & Adams. It caught my eye,...