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Lenz Loves Lawyer Money 520x245 - Lenz Loves Lawyer$

Lenz Loves Lawyer$

10/11/2010: Hoboken awards another $363k in legal contracts! With lawsuit after lawsuit plaguing the Zimmer administration, legal bills keep piling up as more no-bid contracts are handed out to politically connected law firms. $313,000...

Ravi Bhalla Pay to Play King Hoboken NJ Newark Cory Booker 520x245 - Ravi Bhalla Pays to Play

Ravi Bhalla Pays to Play

5/3/2010 Update: Report: Bhalla violates ELEC law plus more Pay-to-Play contract revelations “A councilman representing a city at the forefront of pay-to-play reform has apparently flouted the state pay-to-play law.” – Ron Zeitlinger, Deputy...