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news what is in your brain

News replaced with useful information?

A dream: News replaced with useful information? Does anyone have a true imagination anymore? I had a dream slash vision the other day, that news was replaced with useful information. Yeah. That these fear-mongering,...

look at news

One reason to look at news

One reason to look at news We’ve mentioned the “avoid news” thought process many times in the past. But wanted to add a crucial caveat to that. When we say “avoid news,” that is...


Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere Quite possibly, you’ve seen this Onion parody before, but it deserves a re-post. If you haven’t shut your TV news off yet – perhaps this will help? Enjoy!

Hoboken Podcasts City News November 6, 2015

Hoboken News Update {podcast}

What’s happening in Hoboken news this week? Alice from Hoboken Internet Radio and Hoboken411 discuss various Hoboken topics this week, including: The dopey election. Amazing how the victors are “thrilled” that like 5% of...

Al Roker Offensive

Selfie Hell

Selfie Hell – No apologies required for taking photos! I’ve recently become a bit dismayed at the whole “selfie” revolution. (Or you can call it selfie hell if you want…) To be honest, I...

ranking stories are the worst kind of stories to tell

Database Ranking BS!!

Don’t get sucked into the trend of “rankings” and “top lists,” they’re nothing but manufactured fodder with little to no usefulness.

Fear Porn OMG Hoboken NJ

Fear Porn: Top 10

Top 10 Fear Porn topics – August 2015 Been tossing this idea around as of late. All the “fear porn” that dominates the so-called “news.” While we try to stay 30,000 feet away from...

A sickness of the public mind

“A Sickness of the Public Mind”

Below is an excerpt from a recent article over at The Unz Review regarding some “news” that has been making rounds this summer: The Battle Flag and the Attack on Western Culture oo much...