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Newport Beach Party Jersey City July 24 2013 NYC Views

2013 Newport Beach Party

Fun! 2013 Newport Beach Party & Food Festival Just steps away from Hoboken, down the (relatively new) waterfront connection between the Newport area in Jersey City and the Lackawanna Terminal – is “Newport Beach,”...

Walk to Newport PATH from Hoboken NJ easy 520x245 - Commute to NYC is not that hard!

Commute to NYC is not that hard!

Letter to Hoboken: Walking is not rocket science! Since the PATH station downtown will remain closed for a while due to damage from Hurricane Sandy – many residents are griping about the painful commute...

Newport Xmas Tree Lighting

Newport Xmas Tree Lighting

12/3/2008: You really dig Christmas Tree lightings? Do they help you get into the holiday spirit? Well then head over to Newport Town Square Park in Jersey City tonight from 5-7pm!! 3-2-1 Happy Holidays!...