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Zimmer Tweets HUMC 520x245 - Mayoral Propaganda?

Mayoral Propaganda?

Zimmer says “Council votes to close hospital”; Not the case… Yesterday – Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer sent out certain Twitter messages that essentially said the following: “Minority Council votes to CLOSE HUMC hospital…” This,...

Cablevision Fox Fight is it Greed or Desperation 520x245 - Do you really need to watch TV?

Do you really need to watch TV?

10/28/2010: Big Wigs battle it out; Everyone else short-changed This is a last minute entry today… I took this photo shortly after the Cablevision / NewsCorp. battle started – thinking “I won’t need this,...

Cablevision Fox Blackout 520x245 - Another Cablevision Blackout

Another Cablevision Blackout

10/27/2010 Update: ivi TV: An online alternative to Cablevision There may be one winner in this obnoxious debate contract battle between Cablevision and NewsCorp. – and that’s ivi TV. ivi TV is a non-archived...