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hoboken cell phone usage image of maxwell place and michael douglas 520x245 - What kind of cell do you use?

What kind of cell do you use?

9/12/2008: Are you a cell phone freak? Do you like to have the latest and greatest? Is a phone enough? Or do you need email, music, video, camera and everything else? While I was...

radiohead hoboken411 520x245 - Radiohead: Doing it right

Radiohead: Doing it right

1/10/2008 Update: Figured I’d throw this out there as a “final update” to this post. Not that record charts mean much anymore, it’s interesting to note that Radiohead, despite offering their album directly through...

Random Saturday mp3

Random Saturday mp3

Now that I got my data back in order, I stumbled across some great mashup mp3’s that some of you might enjoy. It’s been almost 3 months since I shared one, so take a...