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american hustle movie review

American Hustle

American Hustle {review} Most people “expect” reviews to instantly coincide with movie releases. That is crap. That is because most people have been conditioned to have that “MUST SEE” attitude and associated reviews right...

The Internship movie was good

The Internship

The Internship was a mighty fine movie! Man – this is one absolutely certain “negative” I can attribute to the “interwebs” we call the “internet.” You’ve probably seen (or heard of) the movie The...

oliver stone w movie poster face 520x245 - Oliver Stone's "W."

Oliver Stone’s “W.”

10/22/2008: Has anyone seen Oliver Stone’s latest movie “W.” yet? Do you plan to? It apparently did semi-ok at the box office (not great), and was released just in time for the November 4th...