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mobile web surfing not a good idea

Mobile web – WHY?

Mobile Web – some concerns Yes, most smartphones are essentially pocket computers. You can do almost everything a desktop or powerful laptop can do, with very few exceptions. There are other differences as well...

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Vine App

Vine one of the fastest growing mobile apps Have any of you tried the Vine app yet? Created by the founders of Twitter – Vine is a simple six-second video sharing social app. But...

The Taco Truck parks on 14th Street in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Taco Truck Thursdays

Taco Truck Thursdays

6/24/2010: Uptown treated to delicious tacos twice weekly The Taco Truck has been a hit sensation in Hoboken since they rolled in last year. Even despite the friction between brick & mortar businesses, and...