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matthew genovese hoboken missing

Have you seen Matthew Genovese?

Matthew Genovese reported missing in Hoboken NJ A local resident named Matthew Genovese was reported missing today when he didn’t show up for work, and no one has heard from him. He was reportedly...

cat wandering streets of Hoboken NJ

Cat-astrophe in Hoboken?

Cat milling around Hoboken – missing or not? Hoboken411 reader Jackie was wondering about this cat she’s been seeing in her neighborhood for a while. “I have been seeing this cat in the pictures...

is this your cat in Hoboken NJ

Is this your cat?

Cute kitty roaming Hoboken – is this your cat? A very cute cat has been noticed in midtown Hoboken. Is this your cat? “This cat has been hanging around our garage between 5th and...