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mayor peter cammarano arrested in hoboken nj

Cammarano gets two years in jail

8/5/2010 Update: No surprise here… Cammarano sentenced to two years Former Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, who spent only three weeks in office – finally received his sentence today in Newark. Cammarano pleaded guilty in...

Theresa Minutillo Hoboken NJ

Bonus Saturday Morning Political Bites!

3/6/2010: No matter where they stand on the St. Patrick’s Parade debate, all of Hoboken’s political players will be lining up to march down Washington Street. Hoboken411 gives them something juicy to talk about...

playbill the state of new jersey criminal complaint for dummies

“The Crime Scene” 101

7/27/2009: Today, Hoboken “city hall investigator” estevens present us with an “Adaptation of a Criminal Complaint.” Dumbing down is fun! He writes: “The criminal complaint, United States of America v. Peter Cammarano III and...