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2005 NYT article about Hoboken Election

5/22/2009: Here’s an interesting Hoboken election “Blast from the Past” read from the New York Times back on May 6th, 2005. It talks about David Roberts struggling to keep his job, his opponent Carol...

hoboken church towers urban renewal affordable housing

Church Towers: Multiple Property Owners

2/23/2009 Update: Ramos on Church Towers Here’s Councilman At-large Ruben Ramos’ take on Church Towers at the last City Council Meeting: Ruben Ramos on Church Towers from Hoboken411 on Vimeo. SEE PREVIOUS UPDATE AFTER...

Russo telephone push poll

Russo telephone push poll

2/4/2009: For those that wanted to hear one of the recent push polls that are circulating around the phone lines of Hoboken… Russo Push Poll 2009 from Hoboken411 on Vimeo. (thanks again estevens!)

hoboken city council meeting january 7th

City Council 1/7/2009 – Preview

1/7/2009 Update: Resolutions available here on Hoboken411 Of course, the city “attempts” to put the resolution pack online THE DAY OF the council meeting. But they did it wrong, and most people will not...

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Reader Mail: Michael Russo Flier

11/7/2008: A Hoboken411 reader (who requested not to be named) – sent in their opinions of a flier that 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo recently sent out. Russo ignores the important issues “Councilman, Chair...

happy birthday from david roberts hoboken mayor envelope

Happy Birthday Auto 5-digit!

10/20/2008 UPDATE: Correction: I found out that Mayor Roberts pays for these letters himself. However, I think it should be clearly stated that it’s NOT paid for by city funds… especially in these bleak...

Lounge 11 meeting scheduled

Lounge 11 meeting scheduled

9/30/2008: Hoboken411 had recently received quite a few emails from neighbors of the Lounge 11 Bar (505 Madison St.) Recent disturbances, fights, noise and more are sources of discontent for area residents. They even...

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Second Lounge 11 letter to Russo

9/17/2008 Update: Now residents have begun copying every single council member, as well as City Hall. Michael Russo responded to one of them: “I have sent a message to your neighbors already, but want...