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charritos restaurant weehawken nj boulevard east 520x245 - Charrito's expands Mexican Empire!

Charrito’s expands Mexican Empire!

12/29/2009 Update: An interesting comment was made about Charrito’s fifth NJ restaurant that opened up recently in Weehawken, NJ (review to follow in early 2010). It’s not about the restaurant food, service or quality...

baja mexican hoboken nj new outdoor seating 520x245 - Baja has outdoor seating

Baja has outdoor seating

7/16/2009: For those that are magnetically stuck downtown, and don’t realize that Hoboken has an uptown… Did you know? Mexican Restaurant Baja (14th and Washington) now has their outdoor seating available. A perfect location...

mia exteriorcs 520x245 - Mia's Mexican Bistro

Mia’s Mexican Bistro

4/25/2007 Update: Just our luck. A place that people actually enjoyed is now closed down. I confirmed with the owner that she needed to redirect her time and energy to personal family matters. She...

la gloria pic 520x245 - La Gloria de Mexico

La Gloria de Mexico

This is part of the “get out of Hoboken” series, and we owe today’s review to loyal Hoboken411 reader, “bmac”. Thanks for the comprehensive review! I only wish I had the time (or the...

charritos downtown 520x245 - Charritos Restaurant

Charritos Restaurant

1/19/2007 Update: I noticed a new sign in front of the Downtown Charrito’s this week. They have some kind of late night “Taqueria” menu from 11pm-4am on the weekends. Sounds like a great drunken...

qdoba1 520x245 - Qdoba


Mexican Fast Food Description – Good Mexican fast food – Fresh grilled food put together in front of you. Hip, clean atmosphere. www.qdoba.comServices – Mexican Cuisine – Burritos, Salads, Nachos, Salads, Chips, GuacamoleWebsite –...



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