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malibu diner sign for sale ebay hoboken nj 520x245 - Malibu Diner sign may still be available!

Malibu Diner sign may still be available!

3/29/2010 Update: Malibu Sign deal sorta fell through… The owner of the old Malibu Diner sign emailed 411 this past weekend, indicating that the “winning bidder” of the sign hasn’t picked it up yet...

mailbu2 520x245 - Malibu Diner Restaurant

Malibu Diner Restaurant

Fall 2010: Malibu: Updated menu and renovated exterior Malibu Diner celebrated their 30th Anniversary in Hoboken, NJ in 2010 – and updated their menu (you need to try the new burgers. Tasty!) Description –...

playbill the state of new jersey criminal complaint for dummies 520x245 - "The Crime Scene" 101

“The Crime Scene” 101

7/27/2009: Today, Hoboken “city hall investigator” estevens present us with an “Adaptation of a Criminal Complaint.” Dumbing down is fun! He writes: “The criminal complaint, United States of America v. Peter Cammarano III and...