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The Big Fat Surprise

Ketogenic Diet Myths vs. Facts

We’re approaching nearly a decade of “low carb living.” And it works – impeccably. Sustainably. And without complication or stress. We just choose not to label it as “ketogenic” as many others do. I...

cheesburger gif

Beer and Bread equals Bloat!

Looks good but Beer and Bread equals bloat! A couple weeks ago – was yet one of the hundreds of stupid contrived holidays. Or better termed, “marketing programs” entitled “National Cheeseburger Day.” If any...

zero carb hoboken NJ

Free Low Carb Business Idea in Hoboken

Low Carb businesses still needed in Hoboken! Over five years ago, we published a “free low carb business idea” for Hoboken entrepreneurs. It’s apparent “low carb” is still not a viable business idea. So...