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Hoboken NJ City Council Meeting January 16 2013

City Council Meeting – 1/16/2013

Dilly-Doyling Hoboken City Council We’ll touch on some really low level (almost school-like) politics today for the handful of people in Hoboken that even pay attention to these council meetings. As we told you...

HUMC Sale – Top 10 Details

HUMC Sale – Top 10 Details

Top 10 things Zimmer doesn’t want you to know about the HUMC Sale On April 20, 2011 the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority signed an agreement with HUMC Holdco, LLC. In a move that spits...

Hoboken Municipal Garage moving to residential area

Municipal Garage Debacle Continues

8/13/2010 Update: City fails to vacate garage by deadline Zimmer now in breach on two fronts, city’s legal argument weakens. Despite a Herculean effort by dozens of dedicated city employees, Hoboken failed to vacate...