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Hoboken NJ Flooding Again May 31 2015

Hoboken floods (again)

Hoboken floods again So much for the flood pumps. We told you flooding will never be improved here in town. I don’t care how many compost bins, bike lanes, green roofs and pumps. Pie...

Hoboken NJ Snow Map January 21 2014

Zimmer has questions to answer

Scribbled Zimmer diary nets nothing Looks like Hoboken “mayor” don Zimmer’s fabricated diary pretty much led to nothing. I wonder how she can sleep at night? And the sad thing is – that she...

downtown pub hoboken block 14 steakhouse 520x245 - Southwest Park Shrinking (Update)

Southwest Park Shrinking (Update)

Zimmer killing small businesses in Hoboken? {SW Park update} A quick little update here about the “area” known as the “Southwest Park talking point…” You know that steakhouse that was going to add vibrancy...