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are gay people harassed in Hoboken NJ

Is Hoboken anti-gay?

Should Hoboken be responsible for bigotry in the community? Hoboken resident Matthew sent this message to city director of public safety Jon Tooke. Being gay, he believes that the city should know about some...

cage logo 520x245 - Havana Cafe & Lounge

Havana Cafe & Lounge

Havana Cafe & Lounge opens in Hoboken, NJ Havana Cafe & Lounge opened this past weekend over at 32 Newark Street downtown – and what a pleasant surprise! Instead of a cookie-cutter bar /...

National Day of Silence Hoboken Hudson School April 16 2010 520x245 - Day of Silence at Hudson School

Day of Silence at Hudson School

4/13/2010: Hudson School 9th Grader Corey Bernstein wants all Hoboken residents to know about the efforts the national youth movement is making to raise awareness about the bullying that takes place towards those with...