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Leaving town for Hoboken LepreCon 2012

Will there be Lepre-Mayhem on Saturday?

Poll: What will Hoboken be like during LepreCon? Many residents have been talking about what the city will be like during the Hoboken LepreCon that is scheduled to take place tomorrow. How do you...

Mom must be proud of daughter urinating in Hoboken NJ during LepreCon 2012

What drunkenness in Hoboken?

Drunks dance past Hoboken Mayor as she talks about “less drunks” A Hoboken411 sent this tip in, regarding a news clip from Fox 5 News yesterday regarding the Hoboken Lepre-Con party this past weekend....

Village Pourhouse Hoboken NJ LepreCon St Patricks 2012

Hoboken LepreCon Specials

Hoboken businesses help achieve your LepreCon food & drink needs There’s no doubt that many, if not most local business in town have made at least some attempt to latch on to this weekends...