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hoboken school budget meeting february 9 2009 calabro school 320x177 - School Budget Meeting Tonight

School Budget Meeting Tonight

2/9/2009: Informational Session Hoboken Superintendent of Schools Jack Raslowsky is holding a budget information session at 8pm tonight at the Calabro School (524 Park). Raslowsky is expected to give a half hour presentation on...

group shot 2 raslowsky hoboken 320x202 - Gifted & Talented Hoboken students

Gifted & Talented Hoboken students

11/19/2007: This note was sent in by Hoboken411 reader Jean Marie Mitchell: Saturday U Students “This past Saturday morning at 9am, Jack Raslowsky visited the Hoboken Public Schools’ Saturday U program held at the...

jack raslowsky hoboken board of education - Hoboken BoE Recap 9/18/2007

Hoboken BoE Recap 9/18/2007

The Hoboken Board of Education held a regular meeting on Tuesday evening. All nine members of the Board were present. AGENDA Executive Session The meeting began with the Board moving to executive session to...