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Hugh Hefner Playoy Magazine

WTF? Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine is screwed Glanced at this NY Times article last week about Playboy Magazine pretty much removing the “nudity” from their publication. They blamed all the free-erotica on the internet, and will focus...

jet free membership

What’s up with Jet.com?

Did Jet.com even have a business plan? If so, what? Hoboken-based Jet.com, who was supposed to be the “Slayer of Amazon,” is going through some wacky and mysterious changes as of late. The premise...

internet rap

The Internet Rap

The Internet Spotted this clever “rap” video about the thing we all “use” (or get used by), The Internet. he time has come to turn our focus onto the very medium which allows us...

barnes and noble 520x245 - Office Depot Doomed

Office Depot Doomed

Office Depot “Doomed” Closing Sale in Hoboken A little more than three years after opening – Office Depot in Hoboken is closing. Office Depot / Office Max is expected to close hundreds more stores...

Sensible vandalism sticker telling you to READ in Hoboken NJ

Sensible Vandalism in Hoboken: READ!

Hoboken vandalism comes in many shapes, even sensible vandalism! We’ve talked about this before. How vandalism, such as Hoboken graffiti comes in many forms. From the mundane gibberish, to the gang or individual “tags”...

Too much communication 520x245 - Technology preferred over parks?

Technology preferred over parks?

What exactly is a beautiful day at a Hoboken park anymore? Why bother going outside if you’re connected to your digital leash? Hoboken411 spends a considerable amount of time daily walking miles and miles...

Electronics / Computers

Electronics / Computers

Electronics & Computers in Hoboken NJ BROADBAND INTERNETCablevision Systems Corp COMPUTER AND EQUIPMENT DEALERSAdvanced MachinesAtomix Computer (Doomed)Cartridge WorldFlash Tech IncRam To Go VIDEO / COMPUTER GAMESGame Stop ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIESRadio Shack