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Vitamin Water Zero carbohydrates

New carb labeling needed

Carb labeling – phantom carbohydrates You ever look at those “zero calorie” sports drinks like Vitamin Water Zero, Sobe, etc.? They claim zero calories – yet still list some carbohydrates. 1 gram, 4 grams,...

espolon tequila norcal margarita 520x245 - NorCal Margarita

NorCal Margarita

NorCal Margarita recommended for low-carbers For those well-immersed in the low carb lifestyle already know that you need to watch your alcohol intake carefully. For instance beer is just not a good idea because...

The Rosedale Diet Low Carb Life Hoboken NJ book review recommended reading 520x245 - Low Carb Book: The Rosedale Diet

Low Carb Book: The Rosedale Diet

Low Carb Bookshelf: The Rosedale Diet While there are many variations to the low-carb lifestyle – Atkins, Paleo, and countless others – the fundamental most important aspect is the same: excess carbs are BAD....