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PSE&G Substation hoboken NJ

PSE&G Substation

New PSE&G Substation in Hoboken A bunch of Hoboken411 readers have sent in inquiries about the “new building” up along the Willow Ave. bridge uptown. They were wondering “what is that?” Well – we’re...

Just build more in Hoboken forget the water and flooding

Build more in Hoboken!

Forget the water system, let’s just build more in Hoboken! Surely you’ve noticed tall building after tall building going up in Hoboken, right? And you’ve also noticed water main break after water main break,...

Hoboken Collapsing Street and Waterfront

Hoboken Sinkhole vs. Street Collapse

Are they Hoboken sinkholes? Or something else? I caught myself the other day referring to various street and pier collapses in town as Hoboken sinkholes. Has a nice ring, but doesn’t accurately define most...