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how do movies affect you 520x245 - Movies affect people

Movies affect people

Movies affect people {influencial} I had this thought recently – about how movies affect people. Because we’ve essentially “unplugged” from most of the entertainment avenues the average person “enjoys” in their lives, it’s allowed...

American Idiots?

American Idiots?

1/5/2010: Brainwashed Lemmings? A Hoboken411 reader thought you might find this video interesting – saying “it’s a great video capturing the essence of how the dumbed-down, clueless idiots known as the “American Sheeple” have...

Dubliner Bombathan Thursdays Hoboken NJ excessive alcohol consumption 520x245 - Promoting reckless alcoholism?

Promoting reckless alcoholism?

12/30/2009: Fire it up, bomb it, out of control, yo! The way our laws work in this country these days is very interesting. We legalize a substance that is obviously a hindrance to society...