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Hoboken Dhaba indian coming soon 630 Washington St

Hoboken Dhaba

Hoboken Dhaba Dhaba Doomed? We thought of the doomed headline for the Hoboken Dhaba Indian restaurant before they even opened! And as we mentioned in our 60 second review last summer – we felt...

Hoboken Dhaba Indian 60 Second Review Hoboken411 NJ

60 Second Review: Hoboken Dhaba

Hoboken Dhaba Indian Eatery As we told you previously, Hoboken Dhaba took the place of the old Hummus Bar at 630 Washington Street. This is OK, particularly because an old-favorite India on the Hudson...

60 Second Review: Anika’s Kati Roll Grill

60 Second Review: Anika’s Kati Roll Grill

11/2/2010: [Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “60 Second Review” series…] Anikas Kati Roll: Great midtown Indian in Hoboken! On a recent Saturday afternoon, I stopped in at Anika’s Kati Roll Grill to grab a Meethi/Sweet...