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Hoboken City Offender Zone November 2011 v2 520x245 - City Parking Offenders Abound!

City Parking Offenders Abound!

Today’s City Parking Offender update is a two-for-one special. When you’re hungry, parking illegally makes food taste better This guy driving a city pickup didn’t think twice about just parking illegally by the corner...

hoboken city tax collector lawsuit louis picardo 520x245 - Neighbors sue Tax Collector over construction

Neighbors sue Tax Collector over construction

Picardo Zoning hearing pulled; Scaffolding erected Last weeks Zoning hearing for the controversial Picardo property on Castle Point never materialized, and now scaffolding is being erected at the residence. Neighbors assume it’s to begin...

Hoboken City SUV parks illegally every day 520x245 - Hoboken Parking Rant

Hoboken Parking Rant

Hoboken Parking Rules – sometimes enforced, sometimes “bent” One Hoboken411 reader who wishes to remain anonymous adds to the pile of complaints about parking in the Mile Square: “I’m a mid 20’s Hoboken resident,...