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Extreme Heat Wave Hoboken NJ July 22 2011 520x245 - Holy heat wave Batman!

Holy heat wave Batman!

The weather is just too damn hot! People either love extreme heat waves or they hate them. If I lived on a 50-acre secluded property with a large pool, lots of trees and a...

Stormy Weather potential in Hoboken NJ on Thursday June 9 2011 520x245 - Steamy days leads to stormy nights?

Steamy days leads to stormy nights?

Potential for dangerous thunderstorms after Hoboken heat wave Nothing officially announced as of yet – but weather forecasters are suggesting that the entire Northeast has the potential for stormy weather tonight. Consider yourself informed!

Hot chicks sweaty in sauna is only a dream for most Hoboken guys during heat wave 520x245 - Heat Advisory: Stay Cool, Hoboken!

Heat Advisory: Stay Cool, Hoboken!

8/5/2010: Chill out (literally) Hoboken! Heat advisory in effect from 11am to 8pm today The city should have cooling centers open at Wallace School uptown and the Multi-Service Center downtown. If not, contact your...

Hoboken NJ Weather Updates Hoboken411 520x245 - Hoboken Weather Watch

Hoboken Weather Watch

New Feature for 2010: Weather watches for the Hoboken area Whether it’s flood warnings, severe storms or potential crippling blizzards – Hoboken411 will post updates and announcements regarding short-term weather situations here in the...

Hoboken heat wave humidity June 28 2010 hottest day of the year 520x245 - Hottest Day of the Year so far

Hottest Day of the Year so far

6/28/2010: Get ready to sweat Hoboken! Heat and humidity are on Hoboken411’s Top 10 list of least favorite things. Unless, of course, there’s a white sandy beach, crystal blue water and a cold frozen...

hoboken hot nj transit buses 126 520x245 - Hot NJ Transit buses - STILL!

Hot NJ Transit buses – STILL!

4/3/2009 Update: Hoboken411 reader Pete wanted to point out that NJ Transit buses in Hoboken are still crap: Will we be stuck with mobile saunas all summer? “You posted this almost a year ago...