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long weekend wasted getting drunk in Hoboken NJ

Your long weekend

Independence Day Long Weekend in Hoboken Thursday of last week, many of you were “amped up” about your proverbial “long weekend” where you were “lucky” enough to get a little extra time off to...

Happy Thanksgiving 2011 Hoboken NJ Oscar 520x245 - Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoboken: Have a safe & sound Thanksgiving! Now that the holiday is fully under-way, Hoboken411 wishes everyone a safe & happy Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll be back with some fun stuff later!

Project: Market Jersey City NJ December 8 2013

Jersey City {Project: EATS} Street Festival

Jersey City Project: EATS – Street Festival – July 26th Wow – the 2nd “Jersey City Project” event since December! The latest (Hudson County) community event is taking place in downtown Jersey City behind...

Hoboken Christmas Wars Muller Insurance Yoda

Hoboken Christmas Wars

“Christmas Wars” at Muller Insurance in Hoboken With Christmas just about 30 hours away, now’s a pretty good time to admire the unique decorations the guys over at Muller Insurance (930 Washington St.) did...