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more transformer explosions in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Transformer explosions around town

Transformer explosions around town

7/5/2010: Hoboken barely managing heat wave Today’s sweltering heat must be causing electrical infrastructure to get overloaded. First, we had a power outage on 11th street earlier this afternoon, and now another transformer exploded...

Hoboken NJ Weather Updates Hoboken411 520x245 - Hoboken Weather Watch

Hoboken Weather Watch

New Feature for 2010: Weather watches for the Hoboken area Whether it’s flood warnings, severe storms or potential crippling blizzards – Hoboken411 will post updates and announcements regarding short-term weather situations here in the...

hoboken mini heat wave may reach 90 degrees the first time this summer 520x245 - Whoa! A mini heat wave!

Whoa! A mini heat wave!

8/4/2009: Under 90 degree streak may end today I was fascinated that the NYC area hadn’t encountered a 90-degree day for the months of June and July for only the second time since weather...

Stevens closed today

Stevens closed today

6/11/2008: Yesterday, part of Stevens lost power, now today: “All Stevens offices and on-campus classes are cancelled on Wed. 6/11/2008.”

hoboken heat wave june 10 2308 520x245 - Another drencher today!

Another drencher today!

6/10/2008: The caption on the image says it all. At least we’ll be back to normal for at least the next week!

hoboken hot weather tips 520x245 - Hot Hoboken

Hot Hoboken

You might probably already be aware of this, but we’re going to have a couple of brutally hot days this week (luckily, yesterday’s 5k run wasn’t tomorrow). Let’s hope the work PSE&G did last...