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Hot chicks sweaty in sauna is only a dream for most Hoboken guys during heat wave

Heat Advisory: Stay Cool, Hoboken!

8/5/2010: Chill out (literally) Hoboken! Heat advisory in effect from 11am to 8pm today The city should have cooling centers open at Wallace School uptown and the Multi-Service Center downtown. If not, contact your...

more transformer explosions in Hoboken NJ

Transformer explosions around town

7/5/2010: Hoboken barely managing heat wave Today’s sweltering heat must be causing electrical infrastructure to get overloaded. First, we had a power outage on 11th street earlier this afternoon, and now another transformer exploded...

hoboken heat wave june 10 2308

Another drencher today!

6/10/2008: The caption on the image says it all. At least we’ll be back to normal for at least the next week!