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Club KO end of summer sale Hoboken NJ CKO Kickboxing 520x245 - ClubKO end of summer sale

ClubKO end of summer sale

8/24/2010: Never a bad time to shape up! For those of you that are nine months behind on your New Year’s Resolutions, here’s a little motivation for you. Hoboken’s CKO Kickboxing is offering an...

Koko Fit Club Hoboken NJ 60 day body transformation challenge 520x245 - Transform your body in 60 days: Update

Transform your body in 60 days: Update

8/24/2010 Update: Koko keeps you motivated & has a great plan Wanted to give a brief update about how the Koko Fitclub 60-day challenge is going so far. Hoboken411 is approaching the halfway mark...



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