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Hoboken residents decide whether make 3D television purchases 520x245 - Are you ready for 3D TV yet?

Are you ready for 3D TV yet?

7/20/2010: [Each day this week, Hoboken411 will feature one product (or products) that may be of interest and benefit to all readers. Your mileage may vary.] Spectacular 3D TV deals to be had My...

DirecTV and Windows 7 Media Center 520x245 - Tech Talk: PC's, TV's and IP's

Tech Talk: PC’s, TV’s and IP’s

2/18/2010: [Continuing this week’s featured post series about technology that Hoboken residents may be using or thinking about using…] Physical media is near-dead! To me, DVD’s & CD’s are pretty much dead. I canceled...

Poor Cablevision picture quality

Poor Cablevision picture quality

5/21/2009 Update: Will it just get worse? The topic of sub-standard Cablevision TV picture quality (and internet service) seems to come up a lot these days… Hoboken411 reader Jason is wondering if one of...