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hoboken carrotmob carpe diem 520x245 - Hoboken Carrotmob at Carpe Diem

Hoboken Carrotmob at Carpe Diem

4/30/2009: Hoboken411 reader Andrew has organized the first ever “Carrotmob” here in New Jersey! So why not have brunch this weekend and support a good cause (especially all you super-active “green” environmentalists in Hoboken!)...

go green save green willie mcbrides hoboken qlc 520x245 - Green meeting at McBride's tonight!

Green meeting at McBride’s tonight!

11/12/2008: There’s a “roundtable” meeting over at Willie McBride’s (616 Grand St.) tonight at 7pm. Even if you’re not a firm believer in global warming – you can learn different ways to help reduce...