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generational differences 520x245 - Generational Differences

Generational Differences

Generational Differences {a war?} There have always been distinct generational differences between us all. Generations, by standard definition (at least how I recall it), are around 20-year gaps. Or at least they have been....

15 years of progress technology

15 years of progress

Do you feel more complete after “15 years of progress?” Since it’s Friday – I figured I’d share this cartoon that I saw the other day entitled “This is Progress” (i.e., 15 Years of...

Hey Ladies: Go have more kids!

Hey Ladies: Go have more kids!

5/7/2010: You know how some countries have instituted child bearing limitations? Well, this may do more harm than good – as depicted in this quick and though-provoking video presentation: Over-population is a MYTH! Not...