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fake news parody of crap news network CNN

Haha! True Fake News Parody!

Haha! True Fake News Parody! This fake news meme has been running strong for the past couple months. While most sensible people unplugged from the bobbleheads on TV and most “mainstream” online news sites...

freezing stop complaining about the weather


Freezing! {Yep, it’s still very much winter!} People never change. They experience “anomalies” in the weather (like a nice warm stretch we recently “enjoyed” beyond belief), and all of a sudden, when it goes...

bullshit happening somewhere 520x245 - bullshit


Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere Quite possibly, you’ve seen this Onion parody before, but it deserves a re-post. If you haven’t shut your TV news off yet – perhaps this will help? Enjoy!

The Police Rehumanize Yourself

Rehumanize Yourself

35 Years later – The Police “Rehumanize Yourself” Had this song from The Police in my head the other day – “Rehumanize Yourself” from their Ghost in the Machine album which was released in...

Key & Peele LMFAO

Holiday Fun: Key & Peele

Great comedy: Key & Peele You ever see something so funny, that you find yourself thinking about it and chuckling inside for days, weeks and even months later? Key & Peele does that to...

210 10th Street Hoboken NJ For Sale Empire Realty Group v3 520x245 - "Mass Text" - America, we have a problem

“Mass Text” – America, we have a problem

Mass Text Video – exactly what is wrong with America Going to keep my commentary short for this blaring example of evidence that our society is going down the tubes. This particular “Mass Text”...

Where is the coffee flavored coffee at Starbucks in Hoboken

Coffee flavored Coffee

Where has coffee flavored coffee gone in Hoboken? Was looking at the menu over at Starbucks the other day – and it has gotten quite overwhelming. Besides the ridiculous “calorie” listings that they’re required...

Gangreens food frozen sparrow thighs disney log flume water Gangreens

Walgreens Parody – “Gangreens”

Friday Fun: “Gangreens” – A Mad Magazine parody of Walgreens Haven’t done many “Friday Fun” posts here at Hoboken411 since well – around Hurricane Sandy. So that said – and considering we have chain...