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facebook twitter 520x245 - Twitter "leaks" stir controversy

Twitter “leaks” stir controversy

7/17/2009: “Big news” in the tech world… Yesterday, the website Tech Crunch – leaked some “confidential” documents from Twitter – that essentially gave a rough outline of what the mindset and current/future plans are...

reach out and touch someone att 520x245 - Reach out and touch someone

Reach out and touch someone

3/31/2009: [Note: Today’s article is a first of more to come from Hoboken411 reader Andrew – who has volunteered to share his perspectives of the world we live in. So welcome Andrew, and share...

hoboken peter cammarano facebook 520x245 - Cammarano talks about Facebook

Cammarano talks about Facebook

1/31/2009: Do you avoid politicians on Facebook? In a recent NY Times article – “When Friends Aren’t Really Friends” – they discussed the pro’s and con’s of using Facebook – and how many people...

Friday Fun: Facebook in real life

Friday Fun: Facebook in real life

8/29/2008: With seemingly millions of people now downright obsessed with their Facebook accounts more than actual real life, imagine what it would be like if Facebook WAS real life?