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RSS aggregator better than facebook 520x245 - Facebook is robbing you (really)

Facebook is robbing you (really)

Forget Facebook robbing you – GO BACK TO RSS FEEDS… TODAY! Here’s a little bump from a story we published two years ago (see way below beyond the horizontal break). It was mainly a...

facebook fraud continues with sequestering in Hoboken NJ

Facebook Fraud (Part II)

Facebook Fraud (Part II – sequestering) Last week, we posted a story on Hoboken411 – about how Facebook fraudulently “skews” their numbers for videos (and most likely every single number front to back, including...

groomsmen dance youtube accurate

Facebook Fraud

How many of you understand the Facebook Fraud? The title of this post is Facebook Fraud – but it really should be Fakebook Fraud. I am only composing this post for one reason –...