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Shipyard Sign Spelling Blunder Hoboken NJ 520x245 - Shipyard Spelling Blunders

Shipyard Spelling Blunders

Free sidewalk entertainment uptown Each time I walk past this section of Hoboken near the waterfront, I get a nice chuckle. This “Stop! Warning!” sign north of the Sovereign Building just makes you wonder...

parking sign confusion in Hoboken NJ 520x245 - HPU Parking Sign Confusion

HPU Parking Sign Confusion

Parking regulations on Sinatra Drive next week With the Hoboken Italian Festival along the waterfront next week, no parking signs have been placed to make room for the vendor tents and amusements. Hoboken411 Steve...

hoboken southwest parks coalition setting the record straight 520x245 - Retraction denied by council candidate

Retraction denied by council candidate

3/27/2009: Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition member Sara Stojkovic is a bit miffed at Dawn Zimmer running mate Dave Mello – for failing to follow-through with a retraction letter that was promised as a result...