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Hoboken Shoprite Rooftop Farms Green Garden Suggestion Idea

Rooftop Farms in Hoboken?

Letter: Hoboken needs Rooftop Farms now! Hoboken411 reader Andreas had a great idea for Hoboken: Rooftop Farms. After seeing such great concepts come to life, such at Lufa Farms in Montreal, and even Brooklyn...


“Extreme Weather” and “Politics”

Various climate, environmental meetings this week in Hoboken I find it amazing how “extreme weather” issues that have absolutely nothing to do with humans – always become big talking points for politicians or environmental...

Home Economics Hoboken NJ 410 6th Street Grand Opening 520x245 - NEW: Home Economics

NEW: Home Economics

11/1/2010: Eco-Friendly lifestyle in Urban New Jersey Welcome new “green” retailer Home Economics to 410 Sixth Street in Hoboken! Grand opening festivities are on Saturday, November 6th from 6-8pm. Description: Green Retailer specializing in...